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In my office we evaluate you as a person and unique individual. Your lifestyle is totally your own.
So I spend time asking many questions to understand you.
Then I apply a “HealthStyle Protocol” to compliment a “Lifestyle” you want.
If you can function properly during an examination, you probably do not need chiropractic care now,  but you will need a periodic check each month to DETECT if you are DRIFTING and loosing communication to the brain, ligaments and tendons.
This is done by “MOTION PALPATION” by touching the back and moving the spine is certain positions to detect
abnormal movement and then evaluating your symptoms occurring during this-point-in-time.
You are entitled to be informed, since I took AN OATH TO SPECIALIZE AS A WELLNESS PHYSICIAN TO SERVE YOU. Doctor
means “teacher. So I am obligated to teach you how to continue proper diet, exercise and mental relaxation to promote your health. To COACH you through life's ups and downs, and to remind you that there is “balance” and “wellness” from within YOU and AROUND you.

If you are having a condition, and if it is painful now. Act wisely, TREAT THE CAUSE - not the symptom.

During your evaluation lets talk about how your lifestyle may be affecting the condition and we customize a plan to focus on posture, stretching, nutrition and diet. Then use “balance” to monitor progress and/or then exercise to “glue” the system back together and avoid re-injury. Health and Wellness for life in St. Louis Heal from Inside Out in St. Louis

What Does Imbalance mean?



What is this, you may ask?

From a wellness perspective the nervous system controls the entire body with the help of the brain.

The central nervous system is connected by nerves that run from the brain through the entire spine, called the spinal cord. There are 24 movable bones in the spine called, vertebrae, they are specialized bones, because the all have a hole in them to protect the spinal cord.  Nerve roots are also present to exit between these vertebrae with a total of 24 on the right side and 24 on the left, for a total of 48 nerve roots. These nerve roots divide in to 4 trillion nerves.

Being a spinal specialist, I can detect if the joints of spine are moving properly in order not to have “nerve interference” that will alter the brains ability to communicate to the rest of the body.

Using massage, spinal manipulation, stretching, nutrition, acupuncture, homeopathic, and Chinese herbs with ergonomic education and then exercise. 

This format allows me to teach you to keep your body working in harmony with every function in the body to be healthier and recover faster,  with better results.

My Approach


The focus of care in my office is to provide you with the ability to ask questions and understand "why" your body is dysfunctional. So I can deliver first class quality health care to correct your condition or improve your quality of life.


Contrary to old teachings that your health has been "pre-programmed" by the cell or genes is failing under new studies in quantum physics at Stanford University.


Whereby, our DNA changes daily in order to balance its function triggered by our environment.  Additionally, the atom once thought as the smallest particle of

solid matter quantum physics has discovered it is not solid matter, but focused concentrated "energy".


These studies in quantum physics have been uncovered during the last 10 years and are questioning current researchers and science that has adopted the hypothesis that the body is pre-determined by its cells, and DNA and cannot change.

Epigenetic research is showing that DNA can change to its environment. 

So we can change your health. 

 Lets get  to ball rolling forward. 

Ready when you are. 

Dr Ron

Heal from the Inside Out


Chiropractic Holistic Wellness Care has recognized since 1895 that the body itself, in  particularly the spine and the nervous system is the medium in which nerve energy communicates to  the trillions of nerves through out the body. 

Then impulses travel back through the protection of the spinal bones to connect with the spinal cord and then the brain (the master computer).


Without nerve activity you would be dead. 

We can live without few essentials for a while such as water, food, air. However, we cannot live a second later without Nerve Energy.


In order for me to evaluate your health conditions I must always remember you have a condition because of "imbalance". I have many patients that practice wellness and do not want to go "out-of-balance".


So in either case, I need to examine your spine and facilitate nerve function, by making sure you vertebrae, ligaments, bones, tendons are working in "balance" with one another. This allows the brain to make the right chemicals so we can experience being alive and promote the nerve energy properly.

However, if the nerve flow is blocked, then the brain can make the wrong chemicals and "cause" symptoms that are a side effects from the wrong information being interpreted by the brain. 

This is the "cause"of cancer and the bodies process of disease (dis-ease). 

The body is giving  the brain incorrect information over years and months and the brain has been producing chemicals as per the nervous system stimuli. 

However, unknown to the brain and you, the chemicals are reacting to the colon, the breast, prostate etc. and it prevents the normal reproduction or cells in that area. 

Whereby, a cell is "mutated" and since the body is not at optimum performance the body does not destroy the abnormal cells  and the cell is copied again and again in reproduction.


The "mistake" is then woven into the process of the reproductive system of that cell, which causes reactions to the normal organ function. 

Likewise external causes creating abnormal chemical production can occur from the abuse of alcohol, smoking, and all the other drugs reported to us that "may" increase our risk for cancer.

That is why it is vital to go to your physician, or internist regularly without fail in order to spot any flaws that are occurring and render care immediately at

the early stage of cancer. 

Generally, with lab tests we can detect if the dis-ease state has occurred. If, the tests are normal, then odds are you have not entered into the “Middle to Late Stage” of dis-ease. 



With Chiropractic Holistic Approach to Wellness I can evaluate the areas that are not functioning in the spine and evaluate your symptoms from a specialty that focuses on Wellness, posture and Balance. 

This will show us clues that interference and imbalance could be giving the brain incorrect information, BEFORE YOU DEVELOP DIS-EASE ABNORMAL LAB READINGS, there fore the “Physical Function” of the body is evaluated with “Chiropractic Specialty”.


Utilizing lab data with a "functional" approach will be able to see if your are staying healthy. 

This will allow you and I to restore that motion to the spine and nervous system  to allow your body to perform at optimum performance.


This is the best long term approach to health without side affects like using drug therapy for long-term use.


You and I can then customized the best protocol of massage, spinal manipulation, acupuncture, homeopathic, Chinese Herbs and functional nutrition and exercises when appropriate to KEEP YOU BALANCED  and living with vitality.

Your Health Team


So all of you should have an internist, a dentist, and/or an MD checking organ dysfunction and disease, or your teeth, or evaluating your heart. 

And all of you should also  have a chiropractor who is a physician and a specialist in evaluating your spine and nervous system for balance and function of the entire body. 

In order to maintain optimum nerve flow to all areas of the body AND  to teach you to keep your nutrition and exercise in harmony with your lifestyle.


In my office,  we refer to MD's, Internists', Orthopedic Surgeons', Neurologists' weekly when I perceive conditions that cannot be  effectively treated by conservative measures only,  or we consult with them to see if they can help us move forward with better results.


Primarily,  I start in a  Holistic Wellness approach working on the structure of the spine and nerves, and then integrate  posture, nutrition and stretches to maintain  normal movement working on the structure of the spine and nerves.

As I stated earlier, symptoms occur first, and if we do not treat the "cause" of  “stiffness”, "soreness" occurs, and if no change, "pain" becomes present.  

That is the time to immediately find the "cause"  and correct it.

Do not dawdle any further. Your body is telling you————-HELP. When the “Pain Cycle” has appeared, the body cannot handle  the dysfunction any longer.

Lets get to work to integrate Wellness Health Care Model and the Medical Model  to get results. 

Good Health is a Choice



Yes, contrary to past education and experience your health is your choice.

It was your lack of responsibility to get proper rest of 6-8 hours of continuous sleep, eat "live" fresh foods , take vitamins, avoid sugar, avoid artificial sweeteners, avoid excessive alcohol, avoid excessive recreational drugs ,avoid excessive salt intake and eat junk food.

These aspects of your lack of responsibility "caused"  loss  of

harmony from your nervous system, brain, ligaments, tendons and muscle balance. 

Additionally, some cells are now starving for nutrition because it has been robbed from somebody else bigger and they did not share what they had.

Balance and chaos are now causing the body stress and dis--ease.

Besides that, you didn't even get out of bed yet. 

No wonder some of us wake up tired from sleep. We literally do not sleep because of all the chaos trying to repair

the damage to tissue and cells while sleeping.

Some of us are not sleeping at all and then develop mental stress as well and physical stress. 

We continue to allow "unbalance in or lives."

Remember your body is dynamic, it can react and counter-react all the time.

 This is why it is not what you did, but how your body had to react based on the countless times you do the same things to your system that creates "unbalance".

Lets begin to improve balance through the body. Get a Wellness Check up Soon.