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Our Health Mission

We begin by working together to customize a wellness protocol to promote good health.  Using the Farotto Method we will treat the cause of dysfunction rather than the symptoms, allowing the ability to customize a protocol to get our patients out of pain quickly and to improve performance and health.

As all Physicians, I took a medical oath at graduation in order to treat people and heal people to the best of my ability and uphold the protocols of quality chiropractic and medical care that is current and state-of-the-art using  referrals to all disciplines when necessary.  I abide to  the Philosophy of Chiropractic that a natural Wellness Care Approach of the nervous system, muscles, ligaments, tendons and organs will be maintained first.  Unfortunately, many  insurance companies have been positioning themselves to Crisis Based Care rather than Wellness Based Care, I  have made a promise that all of my patients will get the care they need when they need it.  I will not treat you via insurance coverage limitations only. My mission statement is to treat your conditions with customized care: Wellness Health,  Chiropractic Medicine,  Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine   and Ergonomic Rehab. Getting results so you and your loved ones can be healthy for life. 


Experience and Professionalism

Dr Ron Farotto

Born and raised in St.Louis.


Acupuncture Diplomat Logan University - June 2017

Advanced Logan University Nov 2016

Acupuncture Basic Logan University Jan 2016

Chinese Herbal Medicine - WEI TCM Education Courses Oct 2015

Functional Nutrition Studies April 2004

Emergency Medical Technician-Defibrillator (EMT-D) IHM Health Studies May 1993

Graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic in Aug 1987

Graduate of Affton High School

Graduated from Seven Holy Founders in 1977 


Sports and Wellness Health integration of  Eastern and Western Medicine  1993-present 

Sports Injury Clinic 1990-1996 

Group Office  1988-1990



Applied Spinal Biomechanics - Diversified - Gonstead - Logan Basic - Manual Spinal Manipulation 

NeuroMuscular Technique - Nimmo  Deep Massage Technique - Cranial ReleaseTechnique -

Trigger Point Therapy - Structural Pelvic Stabilization 



Sports Injury - Allergies - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome - Diagnostic Testing -  Ergonomic Fitness -Exercise

Education  - Spinal Manipulation - Extremity Manipulation - Family Practice - Athlete - Pediatric - Adolescent 

Elderly - Full Skeletal Adjusting Pregnancy - Head & Brain Trauma And Concussions -  House calls - 

Muscle Energy Work - Posture Training - Exercise  Rehabilitation - Scoliosis - Shoe Orthotic Casting - Weight Loss Management - Customized Personal Health Care - Wellness Investigation Evaluation- The Farotto Method



Chinese Herbal Medicine - Homeopathy - Acupuncture - Massage Therapy- Nutrition- Physiotherapy - 

Urinalysis - Blood Work- Postural and Ergonomic Evaluation - Functional Nutrition - Micronutrient Testing - 

Postural ExerciseAnd Ergonomic Exercise - X-ray Bio-mechanical  Analysis 


Wellness Holistic Approach Since 1988 applied to crisis condition such as sports to effectively reduce or eliminate re-injury. Likewise  applied to car accidents, workman's compensation, and weekend athletes all need training in prevention of further injury or permanent disability or chronic condition.



Customized protocols to get the quickest reset to balance and then teach the body to stabilize. You can then achieve "Peak Performance" of your body and rejuvenation of tissues for life. If your results are not improving from day to to day or week to week the treatment protocol will be modified to achieve the best results. 


Golf, Music Instrumental & Voice, Racquetball, House plants and flowers, Magic ,bicycling, Flying single engine planes, Water skiing, Singing, Hiking, Rappelling, Spelunking, Martial Arts. Swimming. Married in 1990 to Phyllis. 2 children Brandon and Katie. Stella a 2 Year Old Catahoula/Lab Mix. Gold Fish Pond. Marathon, Triathlon, Cycling 200 Miles- BikeMs, and 1/2 IronMan.



Working  on research for nutrition for  stress. 

Correlating pregnancy and wellness care using manipulation, acupuncture, and massage to help during pregnancy.  

Bi-monthly continued education for Wellness Health protocols, in nutrition, diagnostics innovations,  treatments  that are result based. 



Working on completing a book for my approach to Wellness Care for patient's.  All of the structures of the body are connected to the spinal cord and interpreted by the brain. This allows a holistic approach to balance the strain or injury or to re-establish normal balance to the musculoskeletal structures, nervous system,  and  to improve health and longevity for life. 


Chris Gregali

Afternoon Office Manager-Insurance Coordinator

  • Knowledgeable at knowing your personal case, and how it is being handled.
  • Helpful and interested in answering your health questions
  • Loves Dogs

About Us



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